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Tax Preparation – Tax preparation, planning, research and audit representation is what we do best. Bruce Thee spent 16 and a half of his 18 years in national firms as a tax specialist. We can competently prepare almost every type of return, and we’ll inform you if we are not familiar or comfortable with the sort of return that you require. For example, we have limited experience in retirement plans and Bruce no longer practices in international taxation. We subject every return to the same quality control process used at national firms. Every return is prepared by our staff and reviewed by Bruce Thee personally, we complete a comprehensive checklist for every return, all tax work papers are indexed and cross referenced to the return and we generally include comprehensive notes to document our positions on issues. These procedures take time, and as a result it’s generally not cost effective for us to prepare simple returns. Generally, we do not take on new clients unless their return is complicated enough to warrant fees of $1,000 or more.

Business Valuations – We have a separate page to address our business valuation practice.

Compiled and Reviewed Financial Statements – We prepare compiled and reviewed financial statements for businesses and individuals as long as we feel we have the professional competence to address the accounting issues present in the financial statements.

Audited Financial Statements – For neither love nor money. That said, if we’re a good fit for tax services, I can refer you to a firm with which we collaborate to get audited financials done.

Business Consulting – We have experience providing business consulting in certain areas. We have extensive experience consulting with clients on projections and forecasts, using some of the most robust statistical techniques available, such as Monte Carlo simulations using Oracle’s Crystal Ball software.

Litigation Support – We will provide litigation support services, particularly in the business valuation area. Bruce has been deposed or testified in numerous cases, appearing before several district courts in Nevada and California. One area in which we will not practice is matrimonial cases.