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January 1, 2018

A number of unexpected changes happened in the last two weeks. As I had shared with clients, my plan was to sell my practice at the end of tax season and then start working for the buyer about three days a week, almost exclusively on my clients. Jason Bullard, a CPA that worked for them was going to be the key person working on my clients in the future.

First thing in the morning of New Year’s day Jason got hold of me and wanted to meet. As a result of concerns we both had about the existing plan, we decided that it would be better for my clients, Jason and me if he came to work at Bruce Thee & Associates. Effective January 1, 2018 Jason became a shareholder at BWT & A.

As a result of the above, Pete Umphress, who had been working to transition the majority of his practice to Jason and his former employer, decided instead to sell the bulk of his practice to BWT & A. Those plans are in the works and should be finalized by the end of January. Pete’s practice was focused in the construction industry, which is where my industry focus has been for the last 30 years, so we believe it will be a good fit. Pete will stay on to help serve his clients for at least one more year.

Track My Return is live

January 29, 2014

Track My Return — The new page is now loaded and running. Under the services tab on our home page there is a link to Track My Return, by clicking on that link it takes you to a password protected client-only page. If you are a client, please call Lanette or Bruce and we’ll give you the password. After you enter the password you will see a page that lists all the returns we have in progress, identified by each clients Client Number. It shows the date we logged in your return information, the client number, the date the return is due, and it’s status: no information received, information received but not started, being prepared, being reviewed, review notes being cleared, waiting for additional information from the client, or completed. I imagine we will refine the page as bugs crop up. If you have any comments or suggestions, please call or email me.