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Billing Rates

Bruce W Thee & Associates generally bill for services based on time. For new clients or projects where it is difficult to predict how many hours the job will take we bill based on our hourly rates listed below. If we have history with a client, or a particular type of engagement, where we can anticipate with reasonable accuracy how much time is required, we will enter a fixed fee engagement as a matter of courtesy and convenience. However, in such cases, we reserve the right to increase or decrease our fee if the scope or complexity of the job changes.

For every significant assignment, we prepare an engagement letter which describes in detail our fee arrangement.

Hourly billing rates as of January 1, 2018 are as follows:

Bruce Thee $400
Jason Bullard $300
Michael Edmonson $300
Pete Umphress $300
Linda Thee $80
Lanette Mitchell $50

Apart from express mail costs, our hourly fees are all inclusive, yes, even photocopies! We bill all hourly projects on the 15th of each month. Invoices are due upon receipt. We expect clients to pay promptly and generally terminate our professional relationship for recurring late payment of fees. Fixed fee engagements for ongoing clients are billed when the job is completed. For fixed fee consulting or valuation engagements we generally require a 50 percent retainer and the balance is due upon completion.

Finally, Bruce approves every bill before it is sent to a client, meaning that he thinks it is a fair bill for the services provided. As he has done since the practice began, if a client is dissatisfied with the service or the amount of the bill, he simply asks that they pay what they believe the service was worth and he will write off any remaining balance with the understanding that we will terminate our professional relationship.